We believe every child deserves a healthy heart.

Advocate. Educate. Fund.


for children with CHD and their Families


communities about the prevalence of CHD and the need to support research


research at Phoenix Children's Hospital and the Cardiac 3D Print Lab

Our mission

Heart Effect advocates for children with congenital heart defects by educating communities and funding programs and research for Phoenix Children’s Heart Center and Cardiac 3D Print Lab.


Where did our story begin?

It all started with one mom's wish to say thank you

How do you thank a hospital for saving your baby's life? Is it ever really possible to share enough gratitude for such a precious gift?

Stephanie Starks didn't know, but as she walked out of Phoenix Children's Hospital with her baby Jemma, who had arrived here lifeless via ambulance a month prior, she knew she needed to try. 

She looked up at the second floor of the hospital, which had been her home while she prayed over her baby and vowed to raise a million dollars to help the doctors and heart center team continue the research and life-saving work they were doing to save more babies like hers. 

Two years later, Heart Effect was born and we're well on our way to Stephanie's goal.

Heart Effect is a team of passionate heart parents and community members dedicate to volunteering for this cause. As an auxiliary of the Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation, 100% of money raised goes back to CHD research, advocacy and education, so all children can have a healthy heart. 

See what we've done so far, and join us in our mission by donating today.

There are other ways to help and get involved in our mission. Contact us to find out how you can volunteer to help us, help kids.