To date, 100% of your donations have:

Funded Research and Purchased Equipment


Heart Talk at the Zoo and Family Conference at the Camby


Financially supported and lend volunteers to plan and execute Heart Talk at the Zoo, allowing parents to learn about the latest in CHD research and patient care from doctors and nurses from PCH.

Supported conference for families to hear the latest research from doctors and nurses in the field in conjunction with the Fetal Heart Symposium.

Provided Family Support


  • Heart Month events for Families
  • Scrapbooking days in the CVICU at PCH
  • Single Ventricle Family Support Group

Sponsor International Fetal Cardiology Symposium


Sponsorship of the symposium allows PCH to bring the top researchers and fetal cardiologists around the world to Phoenix to share the latest advancements in fetal cardiology diagnosis and interventions. 

Your donations provided an extra day of training for stenographers, specific to fetal imaging at this year’s Fetal Cardiology Symposium and support of the Symposium for the second year.

Heart for the Home- 3D Models


The Heart for the Home program provides 3D models of patients to their families at no cost to the family.  

What do these hearts mean to patient families?

As one mom shared, "This means everything to me, as it is a symbol of his strength, his struggles, his victories, and ultimately of losing him. Receiving the gift of his 3D sculpture has brought him back to us—his father and I, and his little brother. He is home."

Champion Book Program


Provided every CHAMPION (Cardiac High Acuity Monitoring Program for Infants & Newborns) graduate a children’s book to help foster development at this year’s graduation ceremony.

Last year, 21 local babies born missing half of their heart underwent at least two open heart surgeries before six months of age and were able to “graduate” out of high-risk ICU monitoring.

These babies are at increased risk for developmental delay and studies show that reading out loud can help make a difference. 

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